Aberdeen Federal Credit Union

Providing Pathways to Success

Mission Statement

"To Provide Pathways for Members to Achieve Financial Success" 

If there has been one thing that we as members, volunteers and employees have had in common is our exposure to change. Change, or evolution, implies a lack of stagnation and a desire to continually improve. It also suggests a need for Aberdeen Federal Credit Union to be relevant in our marketplace, community, and to our members now and into the future.

The credit union has welcomed change and evolution over the last 82 years, embracing its challenges and taking advantage of many opportunities. We have come a long way! If we look at the big picture, we all want to positively impact our well-being as we achieve financial success.

Essentially giving us new life to be more relevant to our community and members, we have successfully formulated and embrace our new Mission Statement: “To Provide Pathways for Members to Achieve Financial Success”.
- Robert J. Goscicki, President / CEO